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“I am so sick of feeling this way.”

Overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out.

Tense, super irritable.

Trying to claw your way out from underneath the crushing demands of work or school, and the rest of life, with no end in sight.

Another sleepless night, headache, stomachache.

Seeking an escape hatch, you know there has to be another way…

“I was mostly okay with the way the world works, but now nothing makes sense.”

An existential bomb was dropped, and you don’t know how to move on.

The unexpected happened; perhaps a loved one became severely ill or has died, what was here now is gone, and your worldview has been shattered.

The spiritual beliefs you once held no longer hold up, and you’re grasping in the dark.

You want to feel connected to the bigger picture and reconstruct a new worldview, one that can hold this.

But you need help sorting it out and getting there.

“Why is it so hard for me to just deal??”

So, affected by everything, you don’t want to carry the weight of the world – but can’t seem to shake it.

Tired of feeling misunderstood and flawed, being told, “You’re too sensitive; stop over-reacting!”

You wonder, “Why can’t I just keep it together, like a normal person?”

Self-doubt, depression, and anxiety have their talons in you – and you need to be released. You desperately want to turn down the volume on these feelings and move forward, but without numbing yourself.

Bringing an integrative approach to the pursuit
of mental well-being, utilizing the wisdom of
nature to balance mind, body, and spirit.

I look forward to working with you using my mission statement above.

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Bethany Sullivan (she/her)

Nurse Practitioner

Hi, I’m Bethany.

Welcome! In my career, I have witnessed that traditional psychiatry can too often leave patients feeling not listened to, overmedicated, possibly re-traumatized, and not better.

That’s why I am passionate about integrative psychiatry and the multi-modal approach it offers to heal, which may utilize pharmaceuticals, but which aims to reduce reliance on them.

Whether you can relate to some or all of the above struggles, what these individuals have in common is overwhelm by present life experiences and the desire to find a way forward.

Integrative psychiatry looks deeply at the unique individual’s mind, body, and lifestyle, honing in on root causes of imbalance and then working to remedy these and restore health.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, let’s do this!

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I would be pleased to work with you on your journey to feeling good.

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