Anxiety, Burnout, and Depression

Not all anxiety falls into the helpful category.

Anxiety is a perfectly normal human experience and can be very helpful in certain circumstances, like when we need sharpened focus to take a test or give a presentation.

But if you are suffering from anxiety daily, it has crossed over into the “unhelpful” category. It’s probably running the show, maybe even causing panic attacks.

Identifying the root cause of that excessive anxiety is extremely helpful in its management.

Identify what is causing your anxiety.

Is the anxiety you are experiencing a lifelong pattern that has its roots in early developmental years? Is there an identifiable trigger? Did it seem to pop up out of the blue?

By working with me, we will dig deep to uncover your anxiety experience’s root cause and support your nervous system to feel more at ease.

I may suggest supplements or herbs, guidance through somatic exercises, grounding and orienting techniques, and mindfulness practices.

The pace of your life is causing severe burnout.

It’s hard to care about your obligations at work or home when you feel spent. What you need is some time to yourself, to rest deeply, forget about everything and everybody else, and put down all the balls you are juggling in this crazy life.

Easier said than done, right? You’ve still got to finish that project, pay the bills, walk the dog, get the kids to school, and do all the other things. You can probably identify with the phrase “tired and wired,” and you know having more caffeine isn’t a good idea, but you don’t know what else to do.

Your sleep is crap; you wake up and repeat the same daily grind. Something has seriously got to give because you’re hanging on by a thread – Whoa!

You’re holding a lot! And you do not know how to reduce the stress you feel.

Experiencing burnout has physiological consequences.

You may be suffering from what is thought of as “adrenal fatigue.” What does that mean? The adrenal glands sit on top of your kidneys, and they produce the hormone cortisol when you are stressed. If you are chronically stressed, you have chronically high cortisol, leading to problems like fatigue, brain fog, abdominal pain, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Through your work with me, I may recommend testing to evaluate your cortisol and other hormone levels. We will also address lifestyle choices that are helpful or harmful and work to create a way of life and pace that you can sustain.

Depression has you in a dark place.

Sometimes it’s all too much. Everything comes crashing down as you stare into the abyss.

You may experience a combination of depression and anxiety, or you might feel extremely down with intense crying spells, unsure if this will ever end.

You wonder what’s the point and feel too paralyzed to do what you know you “should” do.

Whether you are experiencing existential despair or are deep in the throes of major depression, through our work, we will uncover ways to support you through your depression and make some meaning of what you are feeling.

Don’t let anxiety, burnout, and depression keep you down.

Let’s work together to find the cause of your anxiety or depression. Then, we will make sense of how you feel and work to get you back on track.

Burnout is a consequence of feeling overwhelmed by the fast pace of your lifestyle. The results impact you mentally and physically. Let’s work to minimize your burnout and bring some joy into your life again.

Contact me today, so we can work on what is causing your life to be less than you deserve.