Avoid Unnecessary Medications

And Lean on the Reliable Healing Power of Nature

Integrative Psychiatry Online in Washington
(in-person sessions will be offered soon in Bellingham, WA)

The shine is GONE.

The things you used to enjoy are now lackluster.

You used to like going to the gym, but now even getting there feels like too much effort.

You can’t connect with fun or even the beauty of a sunset.

The day-to-day grind is drudgery. It feels awful.

And what’s up with this anxiety??

As if feeling depressed AF weren’t enough, self-consciousness and insecurity seem to seep into everything.

You’re overwhelmed much more quickly than you think you should be.

Worrying about underperforming and failing only worsens depression and anxiety.

Being told you have a “chemical imbalance” and having a pharmaceutical band-aid slapped on your mental pain doesn’t sit well with you.

You want to understand what the heck is going on. If there is an imbalance, where is it? And why? Because the root cause of this pain matters to you.

Part of you knows that there’s a whole new life waiting on the other side if you could understand all this.

Holistic mental health care is the path for you.

Integrative psychiatry can uncover problem areas in your body, mind, and lifestyle.

My natural curiosity to get at the root of mental health problems led me to become an Integrative Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

Both science and empathy for the human condition guide the treatment I provide.

So many things play into our mental health experience. Having a wide lens to view this can help prioritize what needs to happen to feel better.

Based on your symptoms, I will recommend basic or specialty labs that give us a glimpse into your system’s functioning so that we can begin to correct imbalances.

Get to the bottom of your suffering with a holistic approach to wellness.

I’ll work with you and all your complexities, connecting the dots, offering guidance toward healing, and overcoming obstacles in the way.

Don’t resign yourself to this life of suffering. There is hope.

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