When will this pain stop???

The light at the end of the tunnel seems so far away.

Integrative Psychiatry with Supportive Therapy, Online in Washington State
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You’re hurting.

The mental distress is persistent, knows no mercy, has you feeling lost in a maze of emotional hell.

Languishing where you once thrived, with no clear path forward.

Stuck in dreary negativity. Nothing is going right.

Skin-crawling angst creeps over you, along with the suspicion that you will never get any better than this.

You feel powerless to help yourself.

But you do know you don’t want to live this way.

Waking up dreading the existential pain you have come to expect.

You are just surviving the days, doing the bare minimum.

You know the things you “should” be doing, like eating better, exercising, but you just can’t make it happen.

Which really sticks it to your self-esteem. Ugh!

You feel like a lost cause.

But there’s that little pilot light inside of you that says, “Enough is enough.”

It may be a tiny flame, but that pilot light is there, nudging you in the direction of help.

You’ve got to start somewhere.

Talking about your pain will be a relief…

And you may need more than that. But once you’ve taken that first step, you can be confident that you’ll get the help you need.

You’ve been doing your best to “fake it” in front of others, but it’s obvious you’re struggling.

Just imagining not having to pretend and “letting it out” already helps release some of the burdens.

You’re ready to take this step. And while you realize talking might not be enough, you’re not excited about medications.

Integrative psychiatry can help.

Integrative psychiatry offers both therapy and integrative medicine to get at the root of your mental pain.

Looking at imbalances in your body, mind, and lifestyle, we’ll identify the root causes and develop a plan to treat them holistically to restore healthy functioning.

We can also explore medications if they are indicated – but they won’t be overly relied upon or used as a band-aid.

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