Supportive Therapy

Connecting the dots…

Sometimes there are just too many moving parts, and you keep juggling as best you can so things don’t come crashing down. But you feel like the circus will never end.

You lose sight of the big picture, having difficulty connecting to what and how to get things flowing more smoothly and with less effort.

Wherever you find yourself – in a daze, exhausted, fed up, ready to give up – supportive therapy can help untangle the knot.

Find support and make the connection.

By objectively seeing the threads and how they’re connected, my role in supportive therapy is to help organize and bring these threads to light so you can see where you are and where you need to go.

Zooming out and reflecting the big picture to you can help bring back your peripheral vision, and from that place, things become more clear and make more sense.

In addition to the science part of psychiatry, which can involve numbers, labs, and thoughtfulness about which neurotransmitters we want to amplify or dampen, the therapeutic relationship is also just as crucial for healing to take place.

In my opinion, the provider-client connection is the most important determinant of positive treatment outcomes. If you don’t have a basic level of trust in my ability to “get you,” we will not get very far.

Beyond simply gathering clinical information that helps me choose specific labs, supplements, or medications, I will get to know you with curiosity about how your life experiences brought you to exactly where you are now.

What is needed right now…

Supportive therapy is naturally woven into our visits and contains a blend of different counseling and therapy modalities that I have learned through the years.

The supportive therapy that I offer is not cut and dry. Your needs will change from session to session. Therefore, our approach will depend on what is up for you on the day of each session. The training I have in somatic therapy helps me tune into your nervous system to support its needs at the moment.

Let’s get some clarity!

Try as we can to think our way out of problems or patterns of behavior, sometimes we need some guidance – someone to help us see things more clearly, connect the dots that need connecting, reflect our blind spots, and shed light on the path forward.

Through your work with me, I will hone in on the approach needed during the session that lends the most support to you right then. That support might help you identify and unhook from unhelpful thoughts, find grounding and centering through intense emotions, participate in mindfulness exercises, explore body sensations, or something different.

I have many tools in my kit to assist on your journey to wellness, so let’s put them to use!